Fall in Love

gerber daisy
Gerber Daisies

In addition to Interior Design my next passion is gardening.   I especially love cut flowers – such a pity I don’t have acres of land :).  Also, who doesn’t like an awesome bouquet of flowers?   Look at these tips from Veranda magazine on creating beautiful bouquets (also pay close attention to idea #4 – who knew?) http://www.veranda.com/home-decorators/a1005/flower-hacks-cosmopolitan/.

When creating your bouquet for the Fall season choose flowers with Fall colors such as yellow, orange, brown, burgundy, red to create a great Fall bouquet.   Some of my favorite Fall flowers are Dahlias, Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, Gerber Daisies and Roses.

If the thought of creating a bouquet seems overwhelming, just keep it simple – use one type of flower in one color but get enough to make the bouquet look full and lush.  For example, if you are using all roses use no less than 2 doz in a medium size vase.

If you do try any of the suggested arrangements please send me a photo – I would love to see it/them.   Have fun and Happy Friday!

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