Even Though Halloween is Right Around the Corner, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark!

So you’ve been told to stay away from dark colors on your walls because they make a space look smaller, dark, or maybe you never thought of using dark colors.  Here is the 411.

Yes, darker colors “advance” in a design, absorbing light, which gives the perception of a space being smaller than it actually is.  Lighter colors do the opposite. However, don’t be afraid to use a dark color in your space (even a small one). In fact, you can achieve dramatic results. With appropriate lighting, furnishing and accessories to reflect light, smaller spaces will come alive.   In a smaller space, if done correctly, this technique can produce a true showplace.

Take a look at these images for some inspiration (click on the arrowto the lower rightof the image toview more).

Thinking of giving it a try but still a little scared? Start with maybe just an accent wall.


Basic guide if you have a dark colored walls:

  • Try lighter color furnishings and accents
  • Limit the pieces of furniture and accessories to avoid a cluttered feeling
  • Use light color ceiling/trim, light color flooring and large scale mirrors to make the space feel visually larger
  • Most important, make sure you have the appropriate lighting

Also, be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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