Flowers and Plants as Part of your Interior Design

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Happy Friday!

As you know by now I am a fan of fresh cut flowers and plants and believe that every decor should have one or both. Fresh cut flowers and plants are a low cost way to add beauty, create a healthier environment and put a smile on your face! Also, you can’t go wrong with fresh cut flowers for your significant other!

Plants promote a healthier environment by absorbing the carbon dioxide we release and releasing oxygen, helping to purify the air.

For those of you who think that you do not have a “green thumb”, take a look at the ZZ plant. This plant is unbelievable – IT THRIVES ON NEGLECT and will grow in any light condition. I have a couple 4 feet ZZ’s for a few years now and in general water them once (no more than twice) per month – awesome! As usual, please read up on all plants before purchasing especially if you have kids or pets.

Take a look at this article from Elle Decor to see what a doctor, psychologist and interior designer have to say about flowers and plants in your home/office.

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