Still Trending Blue….

pagoda mirror

A working project with blue décor/accessories (throw pillows, mirror, lamp, bedding).

Blue is the most liked color, universally. Could it be because it is the color of the sky and sea?  What do you think?   Is this your favorite color?

Blue, is considered a cool color scheme.  The different shades of blue will have different effect on us but in general it is a tranquil color that calms us both physically and emotionally.

blue green and blue


Introduce some blue in your décor. For example, use this fabric as an inspiration.  If you have a neutral color palette, i.e. white or grey, think of layering pillows using the colors in this fabric to create a dramatic effect in your room.

BTW, I am waiting on the next project where I am able introduce these colors! Love these colors.




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