Console – An Essential Home Décor

Created in the 1700s, consoles were 2 or 3 legged, ornate tables attached to a wall by a bracket known as a console, hence the name. Console tables have become an essential element of home décor. Console tables are a functional, flexible and decorative beauty in any space. They are slender, allowing them to fit nicely into narrow spaces and can serve a variety of purposes.

Functional and decorative applications:

  • At an entryway, as a catch-all for keys, mail, etc.
  • As a bedside table – a unique deviation from the standard night stand
  • As a dining room side board
  • As a bar when entertaining
  • At the back of a sofa to add interest especially if the back of the sofa faces the entrance to the room
  • Add a pair of lamps, decorative items, a piece of art leaning against a wall or candlesticks to add interest and pizzazz

Some noteworthy and interesting finds are shown below:

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