Inexpensive Bathroom Updates

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Is your bathroom the most ignored living space in your home?  Do you feel overwhelmed with what you believe will be a disrupting and costly undertaking?  Over time, colors fade, grout lines yellow or become dirty, giving a dull and uninteresting appearance.  Many people are turned off by an extensive renovation project, but would still like to have their space feel special.  Listed below are some inexpensive ideas that will help you to achieve your goal:

Painting – painting the walls will provide the greatest design impact and give your space a refreshing look.   Choose light, cool and soothing colors (i.e. white, warm grey, spa green) in smaller bathrooms.

Cleaning grout or re-grouting tiles– this requires a little “elbow grease” but it is well worth the effort – it helps to brighten the space and rejuvenate older tile installations. Don’t forget to seal grout on floors and in wet areas.

Art work – adding art work provides interest and depth to walls.  Look around your home for art work that can be repurposed to the bathroom before going out and purchasing.

Shower curtain –hang a new shower curtain.  Consider hanging curtains closer to ceilings which will make the space seem bigger and the ceiling higher.

Accessories – change towel bars, and other accessories. Use glass jars for storage of bath products. 

Shelving – Incorporate shelving and add items of interest but keep the shelves uncluttered.  Think of adding items such as towels, candles, oil diffusers, etc.

De-clutter – Keep floors, window sills and toilet tanks uncluttered .  If the bathroom is small, keeping only necessary items on the floor, i.e. waste basket, will open up the space. Mounting a magazine rack on the wall will also help to open the space and also make cleaning easier.

If you are not sure of paint colors, where or how to utilize art and other decorative features, or need help with de-cluttering and organizing, you may want to consider contacting an Interior Designer/Decorator.

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