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“I love my cat, Lily, but I want my new co-op apartment to have very little trace of having a cat”.  That was one of the challenges I faced for a project I completed earlier this year.

Lily Litter Box - After









I have had numerous discussions regarding this project recently, particularly regarding accommodations I designed for my client’s cat.  The project included the design of a living room and dining area as well as updates to the existing kitchen and bath. At some point during the project, my client asked “how can we disguise Lily’s litter box?” She wanted absolutely no evidence of the presence of a litter box.

The solution was somewhat challenging; design a dedicated space, out of sight that would contain the box, would not take up additional space and would still be accessible for Lily.  The client’s apartment has a short hallway that is common to the bedroom, the bath and a closet.  I chose this closet as the logical location for the “Lily space” that my client desired.  (BTW, the co-op  has a total of 4 closets ranging from 2’ 6” to 6’ 6”).

The closet was a typical single closet space with a single overhead light. The single closet was divided into two closets.  The construction of the dividing wall, and a small horizontal structure (2’ 6” above the floor) created an enclosure that was large enough to enclose Lily’s box, while at the same time leaving the remaining space completely usable and odor free.  Lighting was installed to illuminate both closets along with custom-built organizers.

The best part of all was that the existing sliding doors were modified and repurposed as “push-latch doors” and a cat door was inserted into one of the doors to allow Lily access – success!!



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