Space Saving Shower Stall

Interesting Find – Space Saving Shower Stall

Thinking of creating a guest bathroom but concerned about not having sufficient space? Want to update the shower in a small bathroom and make it feel bigger?

Duravit has a solution…it is the Open Space or fold-away shower enclosure. This is not a portable fold-away shower – rather it’s a permanent fixture which makes the most of a small space – function and style all rolled up together.

Duravit fold-away shower

The Duravit shower stall has 2 self-locking glass doors and after showering, these doors can simply be folded against the wall. According to Tim Schroeder, President of Duravit USA the key to this stall system is the flush mounted shower tray – “When the glass comes out, it makes a seal, and the tray’s design allows for any kind of irregularity in the floor. So if your wall or floor is out of whack, it compensates.” In addition, there are no protruding rails into the room which leaves a clean open space plan and the “curbless” stall makes cleaning easier.

This flat folding shower is ideal in a compact space, especially for urban dwelling!

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