Bathroom Essentials (Magnification Mirrors)

Do you have one of these in your bathroom? Perfect for grooming and an essential supplemental mirror. If you don’t, try it – you will never do without one! Ladies perfect for applying makeup and seeing all angles when styling your hair. Gentlemen, perfect for shaving (see specific example below). These mirrors vary in style and feature and the ones below cost between $35 and $235:

RH Extension Mirror
Extension Mirror – 4x

Extension/moveable arm mirror –  a space saver and some can extend up to 24 inches.  This mirror from has 1x/4x magnification

SimpleHuman Mirror
Sensor Mirror – Turns on Automatically – 5x

Light sensor mirror – lights up automatically whenever your face comes into view. This mirror from has 5x magnification

Mag Mirror - Up and Down
Moves up and Down – 1x/10x

Moves up and down – the adjustable neck titls and swivels.  This mirror from has 1x/10x magnification

SHower Mirror
Fog Free Shower Mirror – 5x

Fog free shower mirror –this version also has slots to store your shaving essentials and takes up very little space.  Mirror from has 5x magnification

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